MEC   MathEduCurriculum  has been providing self-paced, mastery-based Math courses since 2012 to schools in order to offer an alternative to a regular math class.

The courses are ideally suited for both self-paced programs and multi-grade math classes but are also used by regular math teachers.

NEW BC CURRICULUM                          MATH  COURSES

Math 10 Workplace

Math 10 F&PC - Pearson Textbook

Math 10 F&PC - MHR Textbook

Math 11 Foundations - Nelson Textbook   

Math 11 PC - MHR Textbook

Math 11 Workplace - Workbooks

Math 12 Foundations - Nelson Textbook

Math 12 PC - MHR Textbook

All Math courses have a video-enhanced feature:

There are also 9 WNCP Senior Math Courses available.

Math 12 Pre-Calculus

Math 12 Foundations

Math 12 Apprenticeship and Workplace.

Math 11 Pre-Calculus

Math 11 Foundations

Math 11 Apprenticeship and Workplace

Math 10 Apprenticeship and Workplace.

Math 10 Fundamentals and Pre-Calculus. (Textbook Pub. MHR)

Math 10 Fundamentals and Pre-Calculus. (Textbook Pub. Pearson)

General Information

Each course comes with an Unlimited License for your school.  You may use the course for as many students as needed at your school.  There are no further costs, ever.

Each course comes in a binder with all the outlines, unit tests, cumulative tests, answer keys, and a USB.  The USB contains the outlines, unit tests, and cumulative tests in WORD and Pdf for you to modify and print as needed.

The cost for each course ranges from $450.00 to $495.00. See the individual course headings at the top of this Website to see more information for each course.


Canadian Results of the 2012

OECD PISA Study (click below)

PISA2012_Highlights_EN_Web.pdf PISA2012_Highlights_EN_Web.pdf
Size : 1351.479 Kb
Type : pdf


These Math courses are the new Common Curriculum Framework Mathematics based on the WNCP (Western and Northern Canadian Protocol). Common standards were developed through the Ministries of Education in Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Northwest Territories, Nunavut, Saskatchewan, and Yukon Territory.

Course Equivalency in WNCP Mathematics


(Compatability is 100% except where noted for Alberta, Northwest, and Nunavat)

British Columbia        




Apprenticeship and Workplace  10

Math   10-3

Workplace and Apprenticeship 10

Essentials (20S)

Foundations of Mathematics and Pre-Calculus 10

Math  10C 

Foundations of Mathematics and Pre-Calculus 10

Applied and Pre-Calculus (20S)

Pre-Calculus 11

Math   20-1

Pre-Calculus 20

Pre-Calculus (30S)

Foundations 11

Math   20-2

NOT 100%

Foundations 20

Applied (30S)

Apprenticeship and Workplace  11

Math   20-3

Math 20 Workplace & Apprenticeship

Essentials (30S)

Pre-Calculus 12

Math   30-1

NOT 100%

Pre-Calculus 30

Pre-Calculus (40S)

Foundations 12

Math   30-2

NOT 100%

Foundations 30

Applied (40S)

Apprenticeship and Workplace  12

Math   30-3

Math 30 Workplace & Apprenticeship

Essentials (40S)





Apprenticeship and Workplace  10

 Math   10-3

Apprenticeship and Workplace

Mathematics 10

Foundations of Mathematics

and Pre-Calculus 10

Math   10-C

Pre-Calculus &  Foundations of

Mathematics 10C

Pre-Calculus 11

Pre-Calculus 20-1


Math 20-1

Foundations 11

Math 20-2

NOT 100%

Math 20-2

NOT 100%

Apprenticeship and Workplace  11

Math 20 Essentials

Math 20-3

Pre-Calculus 12

Pre-Calculus 30-1

 NOT 100%

Math 30-1

NOT 100%

Foundations 12

Math   30-2

NOT 100%

Math 30-2

NOT 100%

Apprenticeship and Workplace  12

Math 30 Essentials

Math 30-3

Canadian Results of the 2015

OECD PISA Study (click below)

MathematicsPISA2015_EN_Dec5.pdf MathematicsPISA2015_EN_Dec5.pdf
Size : 325.732 Kb
Type : pdf